Silicone Rubber Mould making Kit Mix 1 KG slow 3% WHITE Catalyst, slip casting

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Seller: Top-Rated Seller vivygirl-designs (6,356) 100%, Location: Nth Ringwood, VIC, Ships to: AU, Item: 272864033243 vivygirl-designs Australian eBay store Welcome to Our eBay Store MENU STORE NEW ARRIVALS ABOUT US FEEDBACK CONTACT US STORE NEW ARRIVALS ABOUT US FEEDBACK CONTACT US Fast & Free Delivery 100% Australian Owned Best Price Guarantee Secure Shopping Store Categories Ladies Fashion Accessories Bath /Shower Supplies Bath Bomb supplies Bath Milk & Supplies Bath Salt supplies Body Art Body Casting Supplies Candle Making supplies Candle + Soap Moulds Candle - GEL WAX & Supplies Candle - PALM WAX & Supplies Candle - SOY WAX & Supplies Cosmetic grade Australian Clay CRAFT supplies Diffusers- Home/Car Essential oils Fragrant oils HOME & GARDEN Incense sticks Kits - Do it yourself Lip Balm Supplies Packaging Silicone Rubber Skincare Supplies Soap Making Supplies Other Useful Links View our eBay Store Add to Favourites Ask a Question View All Feedback Vivygirl - Designs is 100% Australian owned 100% Australian Based eBay store Australian sourced products where possible Silicone Rubber Mould making Kit Mix 1 KG slow 3% WHITE Catalyst, slip casting PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1KG White Silicone rubber Mix Kit CONDENSATION TYPE the RTV SILICONE will come in 1 x 1kg jar - white + 1x CLEAR catalyst as the silicone is white approx. 50ml catalyst for a 3%SIMPLY MIX Part A & B This silicone is generally named a two -part silicone rubber. Part A is a flow-able liquid, Part B is the curing agent (Tin Catalyst1 KG SILICONE RUBBER I also have other listings for Silicone rubber please feel free to browse. 2kg,3kg,4kg 5kg, 12, 20kg Basic Technical Data information: Pot life of mixture catalyst 3% at 25 degrees c. -40mins approx and approx 50%-60% humidity Time after which the elastomer can be handled at 25 degrees c. catalyst at 3% - 6-8hoursShore A Hardness- Approx. 25Tensile strength - Approx. 4.0MPa- MPaUltimate Elongation Approx. 500% - 550%Tear strength > 23kN/m - 24 kN/mThe density of silicone is 1.08g/cm3 , catalyst density is around 1g/cm3, nearly with water.Linear shrinkage 3% slow speed catalyst - Approx. 0.40% to 0.45 %IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTEIncreased catalyst levels proportionately increase the shrinkage. Very large moulds should be produced using slow catalyst only, and at 3% catalyst for minimum shrinkage. INSTRUCTION.You can print this out & keep to go with your silicone rubber purchase.I will be sending you a copy via your registered email address on your invoice. You will also received with your order attached to the invoice a note reminding you to look in your inbox for the instructionsChoose your "Master",- Almost anything can be used as a master. A master is the item you want to make a mould of . Glass or silicone may require a release agent as they may stick to silicone pour. Wooden items may need shellac as a barrier so as the silicone or the release agent doesn't either stick or ruin your item.Find a flat bottomed, straight sided container/bowl/plastic tub etc to place your Master in , remembering you don't want to waste silicone on a too large a container, find one that fits easily. The container prevents the silicone from running out before it sets.ESTIMATING THE AMOUNT OF RUBBER NEEDED TO MAKE A MOULDMaking a Mould Using Rubber That Is Poured over a Model Easy Method: The easiest way to estimate your rubber requirements (by volume) is to place the "MASTER"in the containment field and pour dry uncooked rice up and over the "Master". The amount of rice used represents approx. the amount of rubber you will need. Be careful to remove all rice and thoroughly clean the "Master" and containment field before pouring rubber.Blue tack the master onto the bottom of the container to secure it whilst you pour.READY TO MIX + POURwork out the correct ratios of silicone and catalyst - stir well. Use a figure 8 STIR TO REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF BUBBLES FORMING.Stir slowly, scraping sides, bottom, middle, base. Mix wellHave your prepared container with your Master near by to now pour in the 2 part silicone. For the best result, pour slowly over the item in a thin steady stream in one corner letting the silicone find its own level, keep pouring until the item is covered.If you pour over your master straight away you will trap tiny air bubbles as you go, which is undesirable.Allow to set - 24 hours for complete curing time .(Esitmated time if humididy is 25oCelciusPull your master out of the silicone mould, it will flex and just pop outAMAZING, I LOVE IT................................................. PerfectWhat possibilities you have ahead of you making your own moulds for candles, jewellery,, toys and more - don't limit your imagination - RTV Silicone (Room-Temperature-Vulcanization silicone) is a type of silicone rubber made from a two-component system (base plus curative; A+B) How do I work out how much I need for my project. A Question worth reading about Q) I just wanted to know how much would be required if I were to make a mould of an item that is 90 x 60 cm (and about 2cm thick)?A) The consistency of the silicone is thicker than water, (like cream ) by doing a replica of what you want to cast this will give you an idea of how much you need for your project.So with the measurements you require,make the area you want to cast, pour dry uncooked rice over the replica cast you want to mould, it will give you an estimation, you will need require more silicone than you might think if you haven't done this before. (Q) Is it possible to place spatula-thickened silicone rubber straight onto a pattern? The short answer is no. Your best rule of thumb is to brush on a layer of pre-mixed silicone rubber first - prior to any spatula application of a silicone rubber. Not taking this approach could result in air becoming trapped on the surface of the mould.(Q) Using a release agent between silicone rubber pours Two ways a release agent or Vaseline (otherwise known as petroleum jelly). It will need to be slightly warm before you brush it on thinly (Q) Up to what temperatures do normal silicone rubbers tolerate? Generally, up to around 200°C. That said, however they can tolerate much higher temperatures if it's a one-off casting.(Q) Repairing a tear or filling a hole in a silicone rubber mould If your mould is damaged, you can use silicone glass sealant (the type of sealant used for windows).(Q) Silicone rubber shelf life The rule of thumb is roughly 12-18 months for both catalyst and rubber, from the date of inspection. This shelf life also depends on where you are storing it. 25 degrees and below is optimal. Beyond this period, ageing may cause shorter pot life and silicone rubber can go 'lumpy'. As for silicone rubber moulds, once made, dust the mould with talc and, ideally, store the pattern in the mould - this will help to retain the mould's shape.(Q) Altering the hardness/Shore Rating if silicone rubber To stiffen up the rubber, add (up to) 25% corn flour or silica flour. Bear in mind, though, that flex and elongation will be affected. In turn, you can add (up to) 10% silicone oil to soften the rubber. As for Shore strength, you can mix a different 'Shore strength' after you have catalysed each silicone with its own catalyst. In turn, the ratio between 'soft' to 'hard' silicone wil determine the final Shore Rating.(Q) Silicone rubber setting too quickly while mixing and consequences If this is the case, you've possibly added too much catalyst. In turn, this can shorter the rubber's pot life. Another thing to remember is that this can weaken the mould cross-link, which, in turn, also reduces the mould's life.(Q) Cleaning up uncured silicone rubber A good 'citrus orange concentrate' solvent works very well in this regard.(Q) Setting issues with silicone rubber It's possible that you haven't used enough catalyst. The other reason might be that the product is past its shelf-life. Temperature does not greatly affect the casting of conventional silicone rubbers, however high humidity which accelerate setting also shortening pot life.(Q) Mixing silicone rubber catalystMeasure exactly, and mix for no less than 3mins or so ( I have put this in so you will know it needs to be mixed thoroughly , if it is 3.5mins or 2.9mins thats ok) (Q) Is it easy to work with ? If you haven't worked with this silicone before like anything new you may need to do a bench test first to familiarise yourself with the product .If it doesn't work out the way you wanted it to , it is not the product, the product has been bench tested by myself , soap mould makers,candle mould makers, fishing enthusiasts, miniature railway casters ,my list goes on, it is the user.Trial and error. It is fun creating (Q) Hi I bought this item from you a while back, but I am having trouble calculating how much to use. I have done my mold frame and put rice in to see what the volume was, it was liquid 300mls, now how do I convert into powder and catylist to useA) Hi this is the trickiest part.I would be using the water as your guide as the silicone is liquid . Since the relationship between weight and volume is density, the denser the substance, the larger the amount of millilitres The silicone is slightly heavier due to its density. If you add another 10-15 mls of silicone then you will be covering the slight difference. Thats of course if you can afford the extra for just in case.!If not just calculate it on your 300mlsNow the calculation is done like this (Working on 300 mls ) 300 x 3% = 9mls catalyst. Im not sure why you are working out how to convert to powder? Q) Hello, I have an object that I made from Clay which I want to make a mould of and then use the mould for resin. A) This silicone is fantastic, I have made moulds from it now for 18mths.I have a mould maker friend that makes her moulds and sells with no probs at all. I always measure the cat to match the silicone eg 3% of 1kg = 30mls. Dont worry about the mls to grams.Never guesstimate, this is where you WILL GO WRONG.Your clay object should be without any holes or cavities where the silicone could ooze into, and ruin your master mould..If it does have cavities you need to plug them up with a washable clay for example. When I make a mould from something porous like a clay, I double, sometimes triple spray with an acrylic spray to make it smooth, as well as protecting your master .The weather plays a huge part in the curing time so if you are in tassie and the weather is cold, then they curing time will take longer than someone that lives in WA or NT for example.The only thing I cant cast with is cement. Resin is perfect , I have done many with resin, but that is not my thing.I hope I have helped THIS IS NOT FOOD GRADE SILICONE RUBBER , YOU WILL FIND THE FOOD GRADE SILICONE LISTED UNDER SILICONE RUBBER IN THE STORES CATEGORIES. ATTENTION :AUSTRALIAN BIDDERS ONLY Please! We are unable to ship out of Australia. Welcome to Vivygirl-Designs some interesting information about this silicone belowSilicone rubber is a minimal shrinkage condensation cure silicone moulding rubber. The cured rubber provides high flexibility and tear strength with 30 shore A hardness. The silicone is in two parts , One is the rubber and the other is the hardener ( catalyst)Silicone has the ability to withstand temperature changes, ease of moulding, low shrinkage, accuracy in reproducing fine details, and the ability to remain flexible.Unlike Latex- silicone doesn't contain ammonia AUSTRALIAN BIDDERS ONLY Please! We are unable to ship out of Australia Shipping - - Your orders wont be processed over the weekend as we both need a lodgement at the post office as proof it actually is in the Australian post system. - Australian post is closed on Victorian public holidays. - I will send your tracking number via eBay. - - All orders sent with the Australian Post. - Express option avail at checkout. Delivery Australia Post delivery times are totally out of the seller’s control, I will pack the item in the most appropriate way for the item to technically be safe on its travels to you. Dont hesitate if you want to pay more for your postage ,I will pack it more secure. Contact me via ebay message and I will assist you. Payment PAYPAL AND DIRECT DEPOSIT. DIRECT DEPOSIT - 1.BANKS DETAILS ARE VISIBLE ON CHECKOUT - THIS CAN TAKE BETWEEN IMMEDIATE TRANSFER TO UP TO 3 WORKING DAYS DEPENDING ON THE BANKS.2. PLEASE INSURE YOU PUT YOUR USER ID ON THE RECEIPT SO AS IT CAN BE IDENTIFIED AS YOUR PAYMENT. 3.PAY ON PICK - PICK UP DETAILS CANNOT BE GIVEN UNTIL A COMMITMENT TO THE SALE HAS BEEN MADE, EBAY WILL SHUT DOWN ANY STORE COMPLETELY IF THIS RULE IS BREACHED BY THE SELLER. Disclaimer Our advice is generalised and should not be relied on in place of a Doctors treatment and advice, if you have a medical problem or issue we advise you to see your Doctor. All products are not to be ingested. The information provided is for educational purposes only. Individuals receiving this information must exercise their independent judgment in determining its appropriateness for a particular purpose or use. As the ordinary or otherwise use(s) of products is outside the control of Vivygirl-Designs no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to the effect(s) of such use(s), (including damage or injury), or the results obtained. Vivygirl-Designs expressly disclaims responsibility as to the ordinary or otherwise use(s). Furthermore, nothing contained herein should be considered as a recommendation by Vivygirl-Designs as to the fitness for any use. The liability of Vivygirl-Designs is limited to the value of the goods and does not include any consequential losses. Vivygirl-Designs shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. Vivygirl-Designs shall not be responsible for any damages resulting from use of or reliance upon this information. The user of the product is solely responsible for compliance with all laws and regulations applying to the use of the products, including intellectual property rights of third parties. The products contained in this listing if applicable are represented in as true a manner, as photographic processes and printing will allow. The images contained in this listing are for illustrative purposes only. If you have any questions with regard to how products are packaged or labeled, please contact Vivygirl-Designs via email As the availability of ingredients and raw materials is not always certain whether due to changes in nature or otherwise, Vivygirl-Designs reserves the right to substitute alternate ingredients/raw materials in the manufacture of its products and bases in order to maintain supply to its customers. Customers should always refer to the ingredients label as affixed to each product Vivygirl- Designs is a supplier of natural skin care products, natural raw materials DIY hobby crafts and Kits, If you intend to re-label our products under your own name/ brand for the purpose of on-selling or retailing, we strongly recommend that you keep up to date with constant changing labeling laws. cannot be held responsible for consequential loss/ product recall due to incorrect labeling. Note: Individuals receiving any information contained in this listing must exercise their independent judgment in determining its appropriateness for a particular purpose or use. As with any manufacturing process, Vivygirl-Designs encourages small, lab-scale manufacturing for evaluation purposes prior to full manufacturing. 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